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2014-12-03 12:38   审核人:


Taiyuan is the capital of Shanxi province, China. According to the 6th nationwide census in 2010, the city had a permanent residential population of 4.2 million. Taiyuan used to be one of the important industrial bases in early years of new China. Up to 21th century, an industrial system has come into being with categories in energy, metallurgy, machinery, chemical engineering, textile, light manufacturing, medicine, electronics, food, building materials and precise instrument, etc.   

Taiyuan has a humid continental climate with four distinct seasons. Spring is dry, with frequent dust storms, followed by early summer heat waves. Summer tends to be warm to hot with most of the year's rainfall concentrated in July and August. Winter is long and cold, but dry and sunny. There tends be considerable diurnal variation in temperature, and readings can range from under -20C to over 40C. Fenhe River, the primary branch of Yellow River, flows through the city from north to south, dividing the city into two parts. 

Taiyuan is an ancient city, originally constructed in about 500 BC, named Jinyang and renamed Taiyuan in Qin Dynasty. Several Emperors came from this city, the most famous emperor being Li Shimin during Tang Dynasty. Many ancient Chinese poets were also from Taiyuan. During the Tang Dynasty, Taiyuan was a secondary capital of China and a cultural center. The oldest existing building in the city is the Temple of Goddess inside the Jin Ci Complex; it was originally built in 1023 AD and reconstructed in 1102 AD.

For more information, please visit http://taiyuan.eshanxi.gov.cn/ .

The Twin Pagoda Yongzuo Temple,Taiyuan

Fenhe Park, Taiyuan

Urban Taiyuan


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